Visit websites and earn money

It almost sounds too good to be true that you can visit websites and earn money for it. You visit websites every day when you search for something in Google! This method is a little bit different though because there is a reason for you to visit a certain website e.g. via Google. You don’t only benefit from it but the website owner as well…

Visit websites and earn money?

How does it work? Well the cases we have studied are mostly about generating traffic. There might be more reasons like earning more money with ads but we haven’t studied that yet. It’s a fact that you will have a better ranking in Google or other search engines when you generate more traffic to your website. There are many companies that are willing to spend money to generate traffic to their website. This way they will rank better in Google than their competitors and eventually bring home the big deal instead of their competitor. 

How do these companies work?

Some companies offer a crowd to improve organic SEO rankings by sending click traffic from real human visitors (not bots) to your search engine results pages to increase your organic click-through rate (CTR) and boost your SEO rankings.

Time and Strategy

All you need to do is to sign up and click the websites whenever there are available orders (websites to click)

Create Result

The money you will earn depends on how often you click on the pages (orders) created or served by these companies

Visit websites and earn money strategies

Please see below a list of projects that we reviewed. We will show you which websites we used to pursue the strategy to visit websites and earn money. Please leave us a comment on the projects and give us your opinion about this strategy.

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