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Google Adsense on a YouTube video

In this case study we will show you how to create a YouTube Channel and how to add Google Adsense on a YouTube video. Keep in mind that Google Ads only appear after you reached 10.000-lifetime views on your channel.  YouTube implemented this policy so they have the chance to gather enough information to know if the channel is legit.


Company Name: YouTube
Start Date:  March 15, 2020
Website: YouTube Work At Home Geek

We show a tutorial teaching you how to set up a YouTube Channel and show you how to add Google Adsense on a YouTube video. We will review methods that will increase traffic to our video with Social Media but also methods that we learned from other YouTubers.

Create a YouTube Account

Start by going to the website and sign up for a free YouTube account. You can sign up again with an existing Gmail or Google verified account. You can also create a new email address with Google and use that account to sign up with YouTube.

The video we included will explain how to add Google Ads to your YouTube account. 

When can you show Google Ads?

If you want to show Google ads on your YouTube account then you must follow the rules below:

  1. Follow all the YouTube monetization policies.
    • These are a collection of policies that allow you to monetize on YouTube. If you’re a YouTube partner, your agreement including the YouTube partner program policies requires compliance with these monetization policies in order to potentially earn money on YouTube.
  2. Live in a country or region where the YouTube Partner Program is available.
  3. Have more than 4,000 valid public watch hours in the last 12 months.
  4. Have more than 1,000 subscribers.
  5. Have a linked AdSense account.


Download YouTube Studio for Marketing Purposes

See how much users view your channel

You can see how much viewing minutes you already have.

Check the vies you’ve got per video

New people registered? You can see it here!

Respond to reactions right from the App!

View detailed information of every video you uploaded

Analyzing Our Problem

We need to attract a lot of traffic. The only way to generate traffic is by creating content that interests people. We will review ways to generate traffic to our YouTube Channel by learning from techniques described by others. We’re quite familiar with generating traffic to websites like SEO or SEA but generating traffic to videos is another thing! We will start by  Social Media and uploading videos at least every week.  

We will try to generate more traffic to the YouTube channel and reveal the ways we used how to generate this traffic. (Of course, it will all be according to the policy and terms of YouTube)

Please try to set up a YouTube Channel with the help of the video we posted and leave us a message when you need help. We’re very willing to help you set up a YouTube Channel so you can start posting videos.

Creating A Custom Solution

Right now we do not have a custom solution yet because we just started putting some efforts into our YouTube Channel. We will create and upload videos to see if it increases traffic to our channel. We will post on a frequent basis on other social media platforms since that might generate more traffic as well.

We hope you will give us suggestions as well to generate more traffic. We will accept your link in the comments if you create a backlink as well!




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