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Google Ads on a Website

We will review some projects where Google Ads are already implemented on a website. We will share our opinion about the review and try different kinds of strategies to attract more visitors to the website. Think about Search Engine Optimization but also adding websites to Search Engines to give you a headstart. 


Company Name:
Date:  March 19 2020

We will create a tutorial on how to implement Google Ads on a website. We will also share different ways of generating traffic to the website. Besides that we will include some websites and review them on the performance of the website and contents.

Create a Google Adsense Account

Start by going to the website of and sign up for a free Adsense account. You can use an existing Gmail or Google verified account or create a new email address with Google that you want to use for showing and earning with Google Ads.

The video will explain how to activate your Google Adsense account in three steps. 

  1. Connect your site 
  2. Provide your payment address
  3. verifying your phone number. (not in all countries)

When can you show Google Ads?

Usually it takes about a day for your website to be reviewed.  You can start showing ads if there’s no problems or violations of rules on the website where you want to show Ads 

Projects we will Review

Filipino Recipes is a website/ blog that showcases several Filipino Recipes. This blog started as a hobby and now allows people to add recipes as well. 

How to Remove is a website that allows users to ask questions related to remove things. Users can also answer questions and the website allows visitors to sign up with their social media details.

Filipino Dishes

The website is basically the same concept as Filipino Recipes. The website srarted out as a hobby but hasn’t been updated since a long time. 

Analyzing Our Problem

To attract a lot of traffic to your website is quite a lot of work. There are several ways to generate traffic like SEO, Social Media or advertising the website on Google or Facebook to get a larger audience. 

We will try to generate more traffic to this website and the websites we mentioned earlier in this case study and create a separate topic on this method.

You can set up a website if you don’t own one already so you can follow the procedure we will explain step by step. To see how much traffic is generated on the website we will also explain how you can implement Google Analytics on the website.

Creating A Custom Solution

Right now there are no custom solutions yet. The content on the listed websites are outdated and need to be updated. We will try to post on a frequent basis since that will generate more traffic as well.

If you have any other suggestions then please leave a comment below!




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