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Free Cryptocurrency with Coinpot

There are lots of different free cryptocurrencies available on the internet. We will try to review most of them and start with CoinPot. In this casestudy we will look at some crypto currencies that can be earned for free with faucets. The CryptoCoins collected with the faucets will be added in Microwallet at Coinpot. 


Name:  CoinPot
Start Date: March 19 2020

CoipPot is a Cryptocurrency microwallet that allows you to save free cryptocurrency from different faucets around the web. All of these partners Link directly to the CoinPot Microwallets where all the Cryptocoins are being collected.

Setup a Cryptocurrency Microwallet at CoinPot?

We’ve registered an account at coinpot to see what different types of currencies they use. After logging in at Coinpot we saw a nice and  clean dashboard that introduces the available cryptocurrencies that you can earn. CoinPot also allows the possibility to enable 2-factor authentication for extra security. CoinPot offers the possibility to exchange any Cyptocurrency to another. So do you can exchange  Litecoins to BitCoins or BitCash or any other Digital Coin supported by CoinPot. 

What are Cryptocurrency Faucets?

Basically Cryptocurrency faucets are websites or Applications that introduce people to the concept of cryptocurrencies. The Website or Application allows you to earn free cryptocurrency without the investning any money. The websites often show a lot of information about cryptocurrencies as an introduction for new users. 

Cryptocurrency Faucets for CoinPot

Moondash Faucet

Moondash is one of the Moon-series cryptocurrencies that you can earn with CoinPot. Just sign up with the email address that you used for CoinPot and start clicking the Claim button to earn free Moondash Coins. 

Moondodge Faucet

With Moondodge Faucet you decide when you want to claim the cryptocoins. Just sign up again with the email address used at CoinPot so coinpot will know where to deposit the coins. 

Moon LiteCoin Faucet

Moon LiteCoin allows you to earn Moon LiteCoins anytime you want to claim. Again you need to sign up with the same email address is used for CoinPot,

Moon BitCoin Faucet

Another Moon Coin that will allow you to earn some extra cash. Just sign up with the same email address that you used for CoinPot and start clicking the claim button.  

BitFun Faucet

Finally you also sign up at BitFun Faucet with the email address registered at CoinPot. You will see a button to claim Satoshi coins that will be added at CoinPot everytime you Claim them.

Analyzing way of Income

About a week ago we’ve signed up at Coinpot  and also at all the  faucets that CoinPot supports. After the setting up the accounts we started claimed the crypto coins. At first we claimed the coins quite often but after a w while we typically waited for about 8 to 10 hours hours to claim again.

We’ve then exchanged all the different crypto coins to BitCoin to get an estimate of the earnings. The Total amount earned over a time period of 6 days is: 0.00003866 btc. Since the BitCoin rate exchanges all the time I won’t put an amount here in Dollars or Euro. THere are more ways to earn income at Coinpot like Mining or gambling with Tokens. We will try that as well and update this article from time to time.

Creating A Custom Solution

The Cryptocurrency faucets offer a referal program. E.g. you will earn cryptocurrency with your referal link everytime someone uses it to sign up and earn coins. The amounts of coins you will earn are different per faucet. We will also give that option a try and show you the results on our website.

We will also try to invest the earned coins into other programs and let you know the results.

Please feel free to give us your suggestions as well. 

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