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Earn money with SerpClix

SerpClix is a website that offers you to earn money for visiting websites. There are some tools you need to install before you can earn money and of course you need to play fair. (Not using a VPN or other ways to cheat the system). We’ve signed up for this way of earning money to see if it’s legit and if they really payout. We will tell you the results in our review and tell you more about SerpClix in this case study.


Name:  Serpclix
Start Date: April 15 2020

SerpClix is a company that offers you to earn money for visiting websites. SerpClix Offers Companies to improve their organic SEO rankings by sending click traffic. So real companies buy tokens from SerpClix so  SerpClix will pay you to visit the websites of those companies. This method increasing the organic click-through rate (CTR) and boost the Google Rankings of these companies

How does SerpClix work?

First of all we need to register an account at SerpClix to get started. You will get instructions after you login at SerpClix. You need Firefox or Microsoft Edge because SerpClix only supports these browsers. To be able to visit websites and start earning money you need to install a browser plugin that will send you the websites that you need to click and also register the clicks you made. If you don’t have Firefox of Microsoft edge yet, you can find them here:

  • You can install Firefox for free here.
  • You can install Microsoft Edge for free here.

After you’ve installed the browser extension (as explained at SerpClix) you need to login and start visiting websites and earn money for visiting those websites!



Earn money with SerpClix for visiting websites

Get rewarded money for visiting websites

New Clicks regularly

Just install a plugin and the orders will follow

Click the SerpClix order and earn!

Analyzing way of Income

We started this case study at SerpClix a few weeks back. We will write a review about this case study and tell you if it’s legit or not. The income seems a bit small at first because generally, you earn about $0.05 to $0.10 per click. The earnings go quite fast because the click orders are quite often (depending per country).  SerpClix doesn’t have an App so you need your desktop or laptop to use this strategy. One disadvantage we noticed id that you need to use the same IP address (same internet connection) to start earning money. We’ve tried clicking links at the office and SerpClix gave a bad IP address error. So when you want to click links anywhere you are. So we are only able to use it on the location where we first installed SerpClix  

Creating A Custom Solution

To increase earning money with SerpClix you can use the same strategy we will try with cointiply or Coinpot and share a referral link. This way you will earn referral fees for every user who registered with your referral link. We will also share a link below that you can use to register so we can share the results on our website.

Earn money with visiting websites


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