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Learn about the possibilities on making money whith Google Adsense. Google Ads can be shown on several platforms like YouTube or a personal website. This article will explain what Google Adsense is and how it works. We will show some casestudies about Google Adsense as well. 

What is Google Adsense?

Google Adsense is an advertising platform that Google introduced in June 2003. The advertising program allows you to show advertisements from Google’s trusted advertisers on your own website or YouTube channel. To sign up with Google Adsense you can visit https://google.com/adnsense and sign up with your registered Google Account or register a new account.

You can check the video for a short tutorial how to Activate your adsense account.

How does Google Adsense Work?

Google Adsense AdSense matches the ads to your site based on the content of your website and visitors. Companies that advertised through Google promote their products based on the content of your website. You can create customized advertisements that match the colors of your website.

Time and Strategy

You need to invest time in SEO so your website is easier to find. This doesn’t come easy but we will show you some strategies!

Create Result

With good content on your website you will be found better in Google which attracts more visitors to view your content.

Google Ads Projects

Please see below a list of projects that we reviewed. We will show you the SEO strategy we used to attract more visitors. Please leave us a comment at the projects and give us your opinion about this strategy.

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